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Car accidents are some of the most common injury-causing events in California and throughout the United States. Each state has unique laws and statutes in place for handling car accidents. In most cases, the driver responsible for causing a car accident is liable for the resulting damages. However, liability is not always immediately clear, and some car accidents result in significant damages that require the careful attention of an experienced car accident attorney. If another driver recently injured you and you believe they did so because of negligence, reckless driving, inattention, or driving under the influence, contact our office. You likely have grounds for legal action against the at-fault driver. 

At the Ewing Law Group, we believe in protecting our clients’ rights, ensuring the most substantial plaintiff recovery possible in every case we handle, and providing every client with individualized, responsive attention. A car accident claim can involve complex insurance issues and even touch on criminal law, so working with the right Sacramento car accident lawyer is essential. Ensure the best possible outcome for your car accident claim with our help.

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Why Choose the Ewing Law Group for Car Accident Claim Representation?

When you need an attorney for any type of personal injury lawsuit, it is vital to choose one with practical experience handling cases similar to your own. The Ewing Law Group has successfully represented thousands of clients with car accident claims in Sacramento over the years, and our team is ready to put this experience to work in your case. We are not afraid of dealing with insurance companies or their employees, and we do everything we can to maximize client recovery in every car accident case we accept. 

As your car accident attorneys, the team at the Ewing Law Group will thoroughly investigate your car accident claim, including gathering whatever evidence we can find that will help establish liability for your damages. This may include securing traffic camera footage from the city or subpoenaing cell phone records or security camera footage from the crash scene. You can rest assured our team will do everything we can to ensure your case proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Proving Fault for a Car Accident in Sacramento

A car accident claim falls under the purview of personal injury law, meaning the root legal concept in a car accident claim is negligence. This term describes a party’s failure to exercise reasonable care in a given situation. In a car accident claim, negligence could include a moving violation, speeding, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted by a cell phone. It is also possible for multiple parties to bear fault for a car accident. 

Your car accident attorney must identify the party or parties responsible for causing your damages, provide evidence that clearly shows the full extent of your claimed damages, and prove those damages would not have occurred without the defendant’s ensuing actions.

Compensation From Car Accident Claims

A car accident can easily cause significant damages, including: 

Medical expenses. The plaintiff in a car accident lawsuit can claim compensation for the medical expenses incurred from the accident. This includes the costs of necessary future treatments like physical therapy, rehabilitation, and necessary future surgeries.

Lost income. A car accident may leave the victim unable to work for an extended time while they recover, or they may develop a permanent disability that prevents them from working in the future. A plaintiff can recover these losses with the help of a financial expert witness who can explain the lost earning potential in understandable terms to the court.

Property damages. Plaintiffs can claim vehicle repair costs if their vehicles require significant mechanical work, or they may claim the full book value of a vehicle that was damaged beyond repair in their accident.

Pain and suffering. California state law allows personal injury plaintiffs to claim compensation for physical pain, mental distress, and emotional suffering caused by a defendant’s actions. The amount the plaintiff receives depends on the severity of their combined damages and the judge’s interpretation of the facts of the case.

Typically, the first step in recovering these damages in a car accident claim is by filing an insurance claim against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy. California upholds fault-based rules for car accidents in the state and requires all licensed drivers to carry auto insurance at all times. However, minimum insurance coverage is not always enough to fully compensate for a victim’s losses. In those cases where the at-fault driver has little or no insurance, the Ewing Law Group can help. Dealing with an insurance carrier is rarely easy since they tend to avoid paying out on claims and minimizing claim awards as much as possible.

How Your Sacramento Car Accident Attorney Can Help

When you choose the Ewing Law Group as your car accident lawyers, we will assess the damages resulting from your car accident and do everything we can to maximize the insurance payout you receive. We are accustomed to dealing with difficult insurance claim adjusters. Having legal representation on your side will significantly expedite the handling of your claim. 

Most personal injury claims will settle outside of court, and our team will ensure your settlement negotiation is as constructive as possible. When settlement is not possible, we are not afraid to litigate your case before a judge. If you need to speak with a car accident attorney about a recent accident, contact the Ewing Law Group and schedule a case review with our team.

Get Qualified Legal Assistance From Our Experienced Lawyers

Ewing Law Group provides a wide array of legal services to clients in Sacramento and throughout Northern California.

To see how our law firm can help in your case, contact us online or call us at 916-668-4894 and schedule a consultation.

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