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Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences of a person’s life. Hiring the right divorce attorney can make all the difference in a difficult divorce. If you plan on divorcing your spouse, it’s vital to have legal representation experienced in handling California’s complex divorce law. At the Ewing Law Group, our team has helped many clients reach successful outcomes in their divorce cases and move on with their lives with greater confidence and security for the future. 

We understand that you may feel confused, frustrated, and emotionally exhausted when dealing with your divorce. Our goal is to handle your legal matters on your behalf with compassion and personal service so you can focus on your everyday life and moving on from your marriage on a personal level. We strive for responsiveness and expediency in every divorce case we handle.

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Why Working With the Ewing Law Group Is a Wise Choice

Many divorce attorneys practice in the greater Sacramento area, so you might wonder which one can offer the best representation for your divorce case. At the Ewing Law Group, our attorneys have 30 years of experience handling divorce cases in Northern California. We are deeply familiar with the statutes and regulations pertaining to divorce in California and stay abreast of the latest legislative changes that impact our clients’ cases. When you choose the Ewing Law Group to act as your divorce attorneys, rest assured our team will leverage all of our skill and experience to guide you to a positive result in your divorce. 

We are committed to providing responsive and comprehensive representation in every divorce case. You probably have lots of questions about your rights in terms of property and debt division, child custody and visitation, and other aspects of your divorce. Rest assured, our team can provide complete and detailed answers to any questions you might have throughout your divorce proceedings.

Filing for Divorce in California

California state law makes it relatively easy to qualify for filing a divorce petition. As long as you meet the state and county residency requirements, you can file for divorce. To start the process, the first step is to meet with a divorce attorney at the Ewing Law Group to complete the Petition for Dissolution. This document outlines your intentions and desires for the divorce. California law does not require you to name a specific cause or reason for your divorce. While it is certainly possible to file for divorce with cause in response to things like infidelity and spousal abuse, California also allows petitioners to file for the reason of “irreconcilable differences.”

The vast majority of divorces in California unfold under this justification. “Irreconcilable differences” simply refers to the breakdown of a marriage in which attempts at reconciliation have failed. If you need to end your marriage but your spouse has not technically done anything that would qualify for filing for divorce with cause, filing under irreconcilable differences is perfectly acceptable in California.

Common Divorce Issues in California

While California state law may make starting the divorce process relatively easy, the state also upholds strict statutes regarding how divorce cases unfold. Your divorce attorney will help you determine which state laws will come into play during your divorce proceedings and what to expect. Some of the most common areas of contention in California divorce cases include: 

Property and Debt Division. California is a community property state, meaning all property, assets, and debts obtained or incurred during the marriage are shared by the spouses equally. The court will generally strive for an even 50/50 split of a married couple’s assets and debts in divorce. Your divorce lawyer at the Ewing Law Group can help you establish legal ownership of your separate property and prepare a solid case for arguing property division for community property.

Child Custody and Visitation. In a divorce where there are minor children, the family court has a legal obligation to protect the best interests of the children. Your divorce attorney can help you build a strong case for custody and ensure you get equal custody and visitation with your children following your divorce.

Child Support. Child support is determined by many factors, including the incomes of the parents, percentage of custodial time, and who is providing the medical coverage for the children. Whether you expect to pay or receive child support, the attorneys at the Ewing Law Group will help ensure your child support is appropriate under current California child support laws.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders. Unfortunately, some divorces arise from domestic violence. The court can grant a protective order or restraining order rather quickly, ensuring your abuser is unable to harm you or your children as your divorce case unfolds. It is also important to understand that there does not have to be physical violence to obtain a Domestic Violence Restraining Order. Domestic violence can take many forms, and the experienced attorneys at the Ewing Law Group can guide you through this emotionally difficult time. If your spouse has abused or harmed you, the attorneys at the Ewing Law Group will help you hold your spouse or partner accountable to protect you and your family.

Post-judgment Motions. Once you have your divorce decree, you may be able to return to court to renegotiate certain terms and conditions. For example, suppose you lost your job and need to reassess your child support and/or spousal support orders. In that case, the attorneys at the Ewing Law Group will assess your options and help you file the appropriate post-judgment motion to alter your divorce decree to account for the change in your income.

Find Your Legal Counsel Today

If you expect to divorce in the near future, a divorce attorney can help you reach the best possible outcome with your case. At the Ewing Law Group, our team is ready and able to handle the most difficult divorce cases in Northern California. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers today.

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