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Get Compensation After A Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or ill will, the most important thing after seeking proper medical care is to secure fair financial compensation for the effects of your injury such as medical bills, wage loss, property damage and emotional trauma.

Also, you pay NO ATTORNEY’S FEES until your case has settled and you have been compensated for your injuries.

Don’t Let Someone’s Negligence Ruin Your Health And Finances

The personal injury attorneys at Ewing Law Group have represented clients injured by:

  • Car accident: Even a minor accident can result in significant property damage and lasting medical problems.
  • Uninsured motorists: If the driver who hit you does not have valid car insurance, it’s even more important to seek compensation with a lawyer’s help.
  • Dog bites: Many pet owners fail to understand that even an animal with no history of violent attacks can still revert to its instincts in new situations.
  • Slip and fall: Invited guests have a right to expect reasonable safety precautions when visiting land and buildings.
  • Elder abuse and accidental injuries: Health care workers have a great responsibility when working with elders in their homes and in assisted living facilities. If a worker injures his or her patient, whether out of malice or negligence, you and your loved ones have a right to seek compensation.
  • Food poisoning: Small mistakes in food production and preparation can lead to dangerous and even deadly illnesses.

It is important that you know all of your rights and have experienced legal representation throughout your case. In many cases you have very little time, sometimes as little as six months to make a claim, or you will lose your rights forever. That is why it is very important that you seek legal advice immediately.

Get Qualified Legal Assistance From Our Experienced Lawyers

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