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Yolo County Divorce Lawyer

No couple gets married with the intention to divorce soon after. However, divorces are just as common as successful marriages nowadays, with around 50% of American marriages ending in dissolvement. While getting divorced is an arduous and emotional experience, you can find comfort in knowing that there are compassionate legal teams and communities who can help you through it. At Ewing Law Group, PC, our compassionate divorce services are available to Yolo County residents looking for help.

Yolo County Divorce Attorney

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Going through a divorce in California often involves contentious legal proceedings, loads of paperwork, and a myriad of emotions. This is why retaining an attorney should be the first step you take when dissolving a marriage. Ewing Law Group, PC is a family law firm that diligently pursues our clients’ needs. We know that every divorce is different, which is why we work with our clients one-on-one to find effective resolutions to their concerns. Sharing over 20 years of family law experience, our head attorneys combine their litigation skills with their knowledge of California divorces to provide exceptional representation in Yolo County. Choose the Ewing Law Group, PC for support in a Yolo County divorce today.

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Common Disputes in California Divorces

In every divorce, both spouses have to make decisions on matters involving their family life and joint assets. Making these decisions is what often causes disputes, forcing couples to go to court to have them settled. Ewing Law Group, PC can assist you with the following California divorce disputes:

Child Custody

Parents often behave irrationally when they are worried they will lose custody rights to their children. This makes child custody matters one of the leading causes of conflicts in California divorces. If you and your soon-to-be-ex cannot agree on a fair child custody order, you’ll have to have a judge decide for you. Litigation proceedings for child custody cases are often intense, which is why the help of an experienced divorce lawyer can help you immensely. Ewing Law Group, PC can represent you in cases of sole or joint custody, working to help you keep your rights to your children.

Child Support

If you and your spouse had children together, you’ll have to discuss child support once child custody has been determined. Generally, the parent with a higher income is the one who makes child support payments to help the other parent care for the kids. Your custody order will also have a large influence on your payments. For example, noncustodial parents are usually required to pay to make up for the lack of time they have with their children. In cases of joint custody, the difference in income may have a large impact on the decision.

Property and Debt Division

Any married couple getting divorced in California needs to understand the state’s community property laws. These laws classify all marital property, which are belongings that a couple has acquired during their marriage, as “community property.” This requires all community property to be split equally if you get divorced because each spouse owns 50% of the assets.

Many couples are also unaware that community property includes any debt that one or both spouses collected while they were married. This means you also have to fairly split debts when dissolving your marriage. Ewing Law Group, PC can fight for your fair share of marital property and work to ensure you’re not taken advantage of in the property division process.

Spousal Support

Spousal support and alimony are interchangeable terms used to describe court-ordered payments from one spouse to another after a divorce. Because alimony is not a mandated aspect of divorce, you have to file a request with your Yolo family court if you think you need it. Requesting for spousal support can be tricky, especially if your ex believes you don’t need it. What is most important is that you and your lawyer prove that you have a substantial need for financial assistance and your ex has the ability to help financially.


Post-judgment motions, more commonly known as modifications, may occur after your divorce order has been finalized. The state realizes that circumstances can change, which is why divorced individuals have the right to request a modification to an order if they have substantial evidence. For example, if you are required to make spousal support and child support payments but just recently lost your job, you may be able to modify your current orders. By working with Ewing Law Group, PC, we can guide you through the modification process and work to have your court orders changed. Child support, spousal support, and child custody orders are eligible for modification under approved circumstances.

Having an Experienced Divorce Attorney Matters

Whether your divorce is contentious or not, you’ll most likely be involved in legal proceedings for months. From grieving your relationship to trying to divide your property, going through a divorce can feel impossible when you’re doing it on your own. When you decide to work with an experienced California divorce lawyer, you can receive help in a multitude of ways. At Ewing Law Group, PC, we not only advise our clients on legal issues, but we also represent them during litigation and provide empathetic support. We know just how many legal complexities come with a divorce, which is why we are devoted to providing accessible family law representation in Yolo. Ewing Law Group, PC shares decades of experience working on child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division cases, giving us an advantage in almost any California divorce case. Let us help you during hard times by enlisting our services during your Yolo divorce.

The Ewing Law Group, PC: Your Yolo County Family Lawyer

When searching for a divorce lawyer who can make a difference in your case, it’s important to find a firm that puts its clients first. Ewing Law Group, PC has a well-known reputation for its compassionate, client-focused family law services here in California, doing everything in its power to help you when it can and ensure that your concerns are the top focus. Contact the Ewing Law Group, PC to schedule a consultation discussing your Yolo divorce today.

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