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Placer County Domestic Violence Lawyers

Placer County Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic violence can occur between any two people in the same domestic circle. This includes spouses, partners, ex-partners, immediate family members, or other relatives and close family friends. Domestic violence can be physical, but it can also be inflicted via means of electronic communication such as texting or social media. You do not need to live with an offender for their violence to be considered domestic violence – the term can apply when there is a close emotional or intimate relationship between the victim and offender, regardless of if they live in the same place.

If you or a loved one, such as a child or elderly family member, are a victim of domestic violence, you have options when it comes to protection and seeking justice in California.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

In California, there are many actions that can be considered domestic violence, all of which are grounds for filing a legal claim. Common types of domestic violence include:

  • Sexual Abuse. Situations involving molestation, rape, or sexual battery
  • Physical Abuse. Intentionally causing injury to another person (e.g., hitting, using weapons to injure)
  • Psychological Abuse. Attempts to frighten, embarrass, control, or isolate a victim.
  • Harassment. This can occur in person or through online interactions. Stalking is one form of harassment.

If you believe you or a loved one are a victim of domestic abuse, contact your local authorities first. You do not have to be the victim in a case to seek support or justice – you can seek protection against an abuser on behalf of another person, such as a minor or another household member. After contacting the police, reach out to a Placer County domestic violence attorney to begin building your case.

Why Choose Ewing Law Group, PC?

When you are seeking a Placer County lawyer for support in your domestic violence case, it is important to find representation with expertise in California family law. Our husband-and-wife attorney team has more than 20 years of combined experience in representing clients in family law, personal injury, and criminal defense cases. We pride ourselves on direct and frequent communication with our clients. We have helped thousands of clients obtain the justice they deserve.

Why Do Victims Need Legal Representation?

Being a victim of domestic violence is emotional and stressful. You may be fearing for your safety and need time and energy to focus on healing and removing yourself from the situation. Domestic violence charges sometimes coincide with divorce hearings, which can also add to the stress of a situation. Like any legal case, domestic violence cases are complex and time-consuming. While self-representation is available, hiring a lawyer to focus on building your case will relieve some of the stress you are experiencing at this time. Our team is very knowledgeable and experienced in California domestic violence law, and we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

If a victim can prove they experienced domestic violence and wins their case, the abuser will face penalties. In addition to a permanent criminal record, California penalties for domestic violence abuse include:

  • Fines and fees
  • Mandatory jail time and/or probation
  • Loss of child custody
  • Loss of firearm rights

Wrongful Accusations

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence and are seeking representation in your defense, Ewing Law Group, PC can help. Being wrongfully accused can lead to feelings of anxiety and concern about what consequences the accusations may have in your parental, social, or professional life. Wrongful accusation sometimes occurs during divorce when the accusing spouse hopes to leverage their case towards a more favorable outcome. Dismantling the case against you and challenging the truthfulness of evidence and testimony provided is crucial in defending against false accusations.

Your Placer County criminal defense attorney will have your best interest in mind and help to build your defense case by gathering character witnesses and expert testimony. If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, obtaining legal counsel as early as possible will allow you to build the strongest defense case you can.

What Protections Do I Have as a Domestic Violence Victim?

Domestic Violence

In California, victims of domestic violence have many legal options for protecting against an abusive family member or person with whom you've had a relationship. Restraining orders are the primary protective order used to protect victims. There are different types of restraining orders, and your domestic violence attorney can explain them and help you obtain one quickly to prevent further violence against you or your loved one as the case moves through the system. For urgent situations, the police department can issue an emergency restraining order to protect victims until they obtain a more permanent solution.

The different types of restraining orders available can be confusing. It is worthwhile to contact a domestic violence lawyer to help you navigate your case and assist you in ensuring you are protected throughout the process. Your attorney will also help you file domestic violence charges against your abuser so you can get the protection and the justice you deserve.

Domestic Violence and Divorce

In some cases, domestic violence cases and divorce cases occur side-by-side. In these situations, the victim may have many of their divorce demands met if their ex-spouse is convicted of domestic abuse. A history of domestic violence will likely also have an impact on property division and child custody in divorce proceedings. In addition to facing unfavorable divorce terms, the abuser could also face criminal penalties. If you are still married and your spouse is abusive, ending the marriage as quickly and safely as possible is important. Our Placer County family attorneys can help you with both ending the marriage and seeking justice as a victim of domestic violence.

Ewing Law Group, PC for Domestic Violence Issues

If you are a victim of domestic violence or have been wrongfully accused, our family lawyers at the Ewing Law Group, PC are ready to represent you. We understand domestic violence cases are sensitive and that you are focused on the safety of yourself and your family at this time. Let our experienced team handle the legal side of things while you focus on physical and emotional health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so you can discuss your case with one of our experienced divorce lawyers.

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