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A “personal injury” is any injury that results from one party’s misconduct or negligence. If another party is responsible for hurting a loved one or you in any way, California law upholds that you can seek accountability with a claim against the liable party. This may seem straightforward enough, but many victims of personal injuries in Placer County experience substantial difficulties in recovering from the personal injuries they suffered.
Placer County Personal Injury Attorney

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Experienced Representation for Placer County Personal Injury Claims

The legal process of filing a personal injury claim may be more challenging than you initially expected, especially when a defendant’s liability seems perfectly obvious. The reality is that the personal injury statutes are quite strict when it comes to the requirements a plaintiff must satisfy in pursuit of compensation for their damages.

The Ewing Law Group, PC is a team of top lawyers serving Placer County clients in a wide range of cases. We have built a solid professional record of successful cases thanks to our firm’s commitment to delivering individualized legal solutions to each client we represent after taking time to get to know them and the effects their injuries have had on their lives. If you are struggling in the aftermath of any personal injury in Placer County, a personal injury attorney is the best resource to consult if you want to better understand your options for legal recourse.

Why Should I Hire a Placer County Personal Injury Attorney?

It is technically possible to file a personal injury claim in Placer County without an attorney, but you face quite a few risks in doing so. You may manage to satisfy the case’s requirements but doing so while managing your medical needs and the economic impact of the accident would be tremendously challenging. You would also be unlikely to secure as much compensation as an experienced Placer County personal injury attorney could get for you, and you would face additional risks when it comes to reaching a suitable conclusion to your recovery efforts.

Hiring experienced legal counsel to take care of your claim significantly improves your chances of success with all the recovery efforts you choose to pursue in response to the injury in question. Your legal advisers can help you gather evidence and testimony to prove liability, and they will also be instrumental in accurately establishing the full scope of your claimable damages. Additionally, personal injury is a very broad area of civil law, and many types of cases unfold under the purview of California’s personal injury statutes. It’s vital to find not only an experienced attorney but one who has specific experience handling cases similar to yours.

When you pick the Ewing Law Group, PC to watch out for you after a damaging personal injury, you will have readily available guidance and support as your case begins to unfold. Every plaintiff faces different challenges, and the various personal injury cases filed in Placer County all involve unique variables and complications. For the best chance of navigating your recovery efforts successfully, choose an experienced legal team capable of delivering the results you hope to see. The sooner you reach out to our team, the sooner we can begin building your personal injury claim.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Represent

When you need a Placer County personal injury attorney to help you recover, it is essential to choose an attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours. The Ewing Law Group, PC has years of professional experience handling various types of personal injury claims, such as:

  • Car accident claims. Motor vehicle accidents consistently rank among the leading causes of accidental injuries and deaths in the United States each year. Our team has helped many car accident victims file successful auto insurance claims and build comprehensive personal injury cases when insurance isn’t enough to fully cover their losses.
  • Premises liability claims. If the owner of a property in Placer County fails to uphold their duty to maintain premises safe for lawful guests and visitors, they are responsible for any damage caused to the victim. A premises liability claim is a form of personal injury claim pertaining to the negligence and misconduct of private property owners.
  • Dog bite claims. If a loved one or you recently suffered a dog attack in Placer County, state law upholds that the dog’s owner is fully liable for all resulting damages. All you need to prove in a dog bite claim for strict liability to apply to the defendant is that you were not intruding or trespassing on their property or were legally present wherever the attack occurred and that you did not intentionally provoke the attack in any way.
  • Elder abuse claims. The state upholds laws specifically designed to prevent elder abuse and punish those who commit acts of elder abuse as severely as possible. If an elderly loved one has been abused by their caregiver, the Ewing Law Group, PC can provide the compassionate legal representation your family will need to approach the resulting legal proceedings effectively.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. An injury is “catastrophic” when it results in permanent harm of any kind. Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries are just two examples of injuries that may be classified as traumatic based on the scope of the symptoms and the permanent damage they cause. In this type of personal injury case, the plaintiff is likely to secure a very substantial pain and suffering award.
  • Wrongful death claims. Unfortunately, not all personal injury victims survive their experiences. The Ewing Law Group, PC could help you file a wrongful death claim if another party’s misconduct or negligence caused the untimely death of a loved one. This type of claim is similar to a personal injury claim in many procedural respects and very different in others. Additionally, state law limits who may file a wrongful death claim based on the law of intestate succession, and a wrongful death claim pertains to the surviving family’s damages, not damages inflicted upon the deceased’s estate.

Any personal injury claim has the potential to involve life-changing injuries, expensive damages, and a host of practical and economic concerns for the victim and their family. The Ewing Law Group, PC’s goal is to help every client we represent fully understand the legal mechanisms at work in their case and maximize their recoveries. While many personal injury cases appear similar to one another, the reality is that every plaintiff faces unique challenges and opportunities in their personal injury proceedings, and the right attorney is the best asset to have for maximizing the final results you reach.

How to Prove Liability for Your Personal Injury

Before you can seek any compensation for your damage, you must be ready to prove how the damage happened in the first place and who is responsible for causing it. California’s fault rule demands proof of liability before any compensation can be recovered by the plaintiff. Success with your personal injury case means you must identify the party or parties responsible for your injury, establish the full scope of your damages, and prove those damages solely resulted from the defendant’s negligence and not some other cause.

Many personal injury plaintiffs will require various forms of evidence to support their civil claims. First, they may need physical evidence from the location where their injury occurred. Second, eyewitness testimony from anyone who saw their injury happen can be incredibly supportive of a personal injury case. Third, expert witnesses may come into play in heavily contested personal injury claims that involve complex and/or deeply technical topics.

A Placer County personal injury attorney can help build a strong case on their client’s behalf, assisting them in gathering the evidence and testimony needed to prove fault for their personal injury. When you hire the Ewing Law Group, PC for your claim, we will begin handling your case by reviewing all relevant evidence available. Once we have determined who is to blame for your personal injury, we can formally begin your case proceedings and guide you to the best conclusion possible.

Unique Rules for California Personal Injury Claims

Every personal injury claim is different, and every plaintiff will face unique challenges when it comes to securing the compensation they need to recover fully. The state enforces a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims, and this time limit begins on the date a personal injury occurs. This may seem like more than enough time in which to file your personal injury action, but it is always best to start your legal proceedings swiftly after an injury.

Some personal injury plaintiffs can secure some preliminary compensation for their damages by filing insurance claims. For example, filing an auto insurance claim is almost always the first step in recovering from a motor vehicle accident. Every driver in the state must have auto insurance that meets minimum coverage requirements for bodily injury liability, total accident liability, and property damage liability. Drivers are also encouraged but not required to purchase underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage with their auto insurance policies. This will allow a driver to file a claim against their own policy if an at-fault driver doesn’t have appropriate insurance coverage.

The state also enforces a pure comparative fault rule that may influence a plaintiff’s recovery if they are partially responsible for causing their claimed damages in any way. Under this statute, fault in a civil claim for damages must be assigned accordingly to all liable parties based on their individual levels of contribution to causing the damages in question. For instance, a plaintiff could file a personal injury claim naming two defendants, and the judge ruling on the case may assign fault percentages to each defendant.

If the judge assigns 40% fault to one defendant and 60% fault to the other, these percentages dictate how much of the victim’s losses they are responsible for covering. It is also possible for a plaintiff to bear comparative fault, in which case they lose a percentage of their final case award to reflect this. Working with an experienced Placer County personal injury attorney is not only the best way to defeat claims of comparative negligence but also to preserve your final recovery as much as possible when you do bear partial responsibility.

Claimable Damages in a Placer County Personal Injury Case

California law enables the victim of any personal injury to seek full repayment of all the provable economic losses they can show resulted from the injury. In most personal injury claims, these damages are likely to include:

  • Property loss. When negligence or misconduct results in damage to your personal property, you can hold the defendant accountable for the damage you suffered. For example, if you suffered a personal injury in a car accident, you could hold the defendant accountable for the money to repair or replace your vehicle.
  • Medical expenses. Most personal injury claims filed pertain to acute traumatic injuries, but it is also possible for a personal injury claim to arise from an illness caused by another party. You could recover the costs of any and all the medical care you require to fully heal from your injuries, including long-term care costs if you suffer a serious and disabling injury that demands an extensive recovery process.
  • Lost income. Any personal injury severe enough to warrant a civil claim against the at-fault party is highly likely to result in lost wages for the injured victim. You may not be able to work for weeks, months, or even years after your injury due to the medical complications it has caused. State law permits you to seek full compensation for your lost wages as well as your lost future earning potential. An experienced Placer County personal injury attorney will be crucial for accurately calculating your claimable lost future income.
  • Pain and suffering. State law permits the plaintiff in a personal injury case to recover financial compensation for physical pain and emotional distress inflicted by the defendant. This may sound difficult to put into monetary terms, but an experienced Placer County personal injury attorney can help their client determine a suitable figure.

It is also possible for other types of compensation to come into play, specifically punitive damages, at the judge’s discretion. As the name suggests, punitive damages aim to punish a defendant’s bad behavior, and the amount paid typically reflects the defendant’s overall financial status, the severity of their actions against the plaintiff, and the scope of the damages caused to the plaintiff and their family.

Economic damages are generally easy to prove with the right documentation, such as receipts, bills, and invoices. Pain and suffering are much harder to assess in any personal injury case. Ultimately, you will have the best chance of succeeding with your personal injury claim and of maximizing the final compensation you receive when you have a Placer County personal injury attorney representing your case.

How to Resolve a Personal Injury Claim in Placer County, California

Most personal injury claims end in private settlement negotiations. Once a plaintiff submits their complaint to the court, the defendant has the chance to respond. If the defendant accepts responsibility and acknowledges their liability, it’s possible for the parties to resolve the case relatively quickly. Alternatively, if a defendant refuses to accept responsibility for their actions, a trial must ensue, and the judge overseeing the case will have the final say on the matter.

It is typically best to avoid litigation for a personal injury claim, but it is always best to hire an experienced trial attorney in case elements of your case are likely to demand formal review through formal litigation. If the parties involved in the case can reach a mutually acceptable settlement, the case will end there. However, if a defendant caused the injury in question through intentional misconduct and/or criminal activity of any kind, settlement may not be a viable option.

Find Your Injury Lawyer at Our Law Firm Today

Whatever your situation may entail, you need legal counsel you can trust if you want to reach the best possible outcome for your claim. Your legal team will be invaluable for proving the exact cause of your injury and identifying the party or parties responsible. Additionally, you will also require experienced and responsive legal counsel if the defendant in your claim attempts to assert comparative fault and deflect liability to you.

The Ewing Law Group, PC can provide carefully individualized legal representation for the most challenging personal injury cases in Placer County. Our firm has years of professional experience and the resources to address your unique concerns as your case unfolds. We will help our clients develop an effective strategy to cover the unique challenges their cases present. We strive to settle our clients’ cases as swiftly as possible whenever we can, but we are fully prepared to represent a client in litigation if necessary to ensure their recovery.

If you think it’s time to explore your options for legal recourse after suffering any personal injury in Placer County, the team at the Ewing Law Group, PC can assist you in your recovery efforts. Contact us today to set up a meeting with our group and learn more about the legal services an experienced Placer County personal injury attorney can offer.

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